November 11, 2012

101 Things In 1001 Days

I am someone who enjoys pushing herself. I enjoy challenges. Probably a bit more than I should. It’s because of these that when I found out about the Day Zero Project, I decided I had to take part. In a nutshell, you come up with a list of 101 things you wish to do and give yourself 1001 days (that’s approximately 2.75 years) to complete the list. I have chosen to break my goals up into groups.

Start Date: Thursday, January 22, 2015
End Date: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Status: 15/101

001. Become a better Pagan.
002. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years.
003. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy.
004. Write 5 letters to 5 people who changed my life.
005. Keep all my movie stubs for a year and smashbook a page with them.
006. Enter myself into a competition.
007. Make new friends.
008. Complete a journal again. October 12, 2016
009. Date someone that makes me swoon and cares as much for me as I do for them.
010. Find a better job, that treats me better.
011. Make a list of 101 positive things about myself.
012. Make a list of 100 quotes that inspire me.
013. Make a list of 50 places I would like to visit in my lifetime.
014. Place $5 in a money jar for every item I cross off this list.

015. Get an actual passport, not just a passport card. July 18, 2016
016. Visit Portland, Oregon. March 27, 2016
017. See NYC from the top of the Empire State Building.
018. Visit Alaska.
019. See the Northern Lights. October 17, 2016 (Very faintly, from plane when landing in Iceland. Need to see them better. )
020. Stay at a bed and breakfast with someone I’m in love with.
021. Go camping in Washington. September 2-4, 2016
022. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
023. Visit San Francisco, CA. April 3, 2016
024. Visit my hometown again.
025. Visit New Orleans again.

026. Attend at least three concerts.
1) Silversun Pickups w/ Joywave – June 6, 2016
2) Rave of Thrones – August 13, 2016
027. Identify 100 of my absolute favorite songs.
028. Create the ultimate collection of themed mix cd’s.
029. Listen to songs by 101 artists I’ve never listened to before.

030. Lose 20 pounds.
031. Lose 40 pounds.
032. Work out for 3 days a week for an entire month.
033. Drink 2 bottles of water a day for two weeks straight.
034. Do not eat any take out for an entire month.
035. Drop two sizes.
036. Stop drinking soda for one month.
037. Finally deal with my PTSD and depression.
038. Stop picking and biting at my fingers.

039. Get my first BIG tattoo. June 26, 2016
040. Dye the tips of my hair in a fun/unusual color. July 18, 2016
041. Get my teeth fixed. January 30, 2015
042. Get a massage.
043. Indulge in a spa day.

044. Save $500 in my savings account. June 30, 2106
045. Save $1000 in my savings account. June 30, 2106
046. Be 100% debt free.

047. Complete five Pinterest DIY crafts.
048. Make myself a pillow from scratch.
049. Start and complete Project 365.
050. Blog at least once a week for 3 months.
051. Mail a new secret to PostSecret.
052. Learn how to knit or crochet.
053. Complete 15 projects from the book 52 Projects by Jeffery Yamaguchi.
054. Do SOMETHING with my Instagram photos.
055. Find a new pen-pal.
056. Sell something that I have made.
057. Complete my smashbook.
058. Write my novel.

059. Watch 50 movies I’ve never seen before.
060. Read 100 books I’ve never read before.
061. Go to a hockey game.
062. See the Dodgers play again.
063. Host a dinner party.
064. Learn to tango.
065. Tour a brewery.
066. Host a holiday party.
067. Go apple-picking.
068. Go snowboarding or skiing.
069. Read 10 classic novels.
070. Have a Star Wars marathon.

071. A plane ticket. Anywhere. September 2, 2016
072. Luxurious bedding.
073. A laptop or desktop computer. March 5, 2016
074. A tablet of some sort. February 10, 2015
075. Buy something from Ikea.
076. Buy something from Uncommon Goods.
077. Fancy, chunky high heels.

078. Take business classes.
079. Get my Associate’s Degree.
080. Learn to speak Italian.

081. Create a personal recipe book or recipe box.
082. Successfully make macarons.
083. Find my signature cupcake recipe.
084. Bake 10 new desserts each year.
085. Try 40 new recipes.
086. Open my own bakery (either online or storefront)

Random Acts of Kindness:
087. Tip someone 100% of my bill.
088. Clean out closets and donate everything I haven’t worn in a year.
089. Send a surprise in the mail to someone feeling down.
090. Donate the next 7 times I’m asked.

091. Watch both a sunrise and a sunset in the same day.
092. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find.
093. Visit the location of my mother’s ashes (note: 57 steps)
094. Find my own apartment/house/place to call my own.
095. Go skydiving.
096. Visit a known “haunted” location. August 2, 2015 (Port Gamble, WA)
097. Go on the Underground Tour in Seattle.
098. Save up money in a jar for six months and then go on a vacation and splurge.
099. ‘Unplug’ for one whole weekend – no cell phone, no Internet, no TV, no computer.
100. Embrace the person that I am, flaws and all.
101. Find love – real, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without each other, love.