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February 4, 2015

What Is This Dating Thing Anyway? (Confessions #3)

+ I have a bizarre obsession with crappy Lifetime movies. Every so often I come across one that I think will actually be good, and then – of course – I’m disappointed. I started watching Salem Falls (because I love the book) and it wasn’t too bad. Then I ended up watching like three more on Netflix. Oy. At least I was doing other productive things at the same time.

+ I’ve been seeing someone for the last month. And I really like him. He’s close to my age, a nerd, a total sweetheart, tall and very smart. I love cuddling with him when we watch movies late into the night. But I feel completely lost. I don’t remember how to date lol. It’s been too long. I’m trying to figure out if we should have the “are you seeing anyone else talk” or not. Part of me is like I don’t care as long as I don’t know since we’re not in a relationship. Another part of me does want to know. Ugh.

+ After almost a year of constant pain and shame, I finally was able to have my teeth fixed (they’ve been destroyed by bad genes and also hardcore meds for my kidneys) and it makes me deliriously happy. I can’t stop smiling or staring at my smile in the mirror. I feel so vain.

+ I started therapy again after I was given a diagnosis that covers my depression, my anxiety and paranoia and other such issues. Normally I’m an open book about my issues. This time, I feel embarrassed. It’s because of the stigma around it and the jokes and stereotypes as well. I already deal with that with my Tourettes and I feel enough is enough. But at the same time, I hate the fact that I feel shame for something that I cannot control.

+ I literally walked into a wall yesterday. Right in front of my food manager. He couldn’t stop laughing and I turned bright red which led him to call me Tomato. Well, at least I didn’t break anything!

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