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July 13, 2015

You Are NOT A Sidewalk.

I have to start by saying that I actually like my job. But for the last three weeks, I have been absolutely miserable. I have been angry and confused and have cried so many times. Then there is the fact that I have started having all these horrible nightmares, not to mention this horrendous rash that started on my arms and chest, all of which can be attributed to stress. And why have I been so stressed? Because while I love my job, there are certain elements that have made me beyond fucking miserable. But let me backtrack.

Three months ago, we hired a new employee. Male, older than I but without the same job experience. (He came from a restaurant, we work in a bakery). I’ve been doing basically the same job from three different companies off and on since 2009. Not to mention the fact that I have been baking practically my entire life PLUS the fact that I actually attended Culinary Arts school. But I digress. So he was hired on and I actually like the guy. But then I started realizing that all of a sudden, his hours were going up. While mine were going down. Then just as I’d be about to say something, my hours would go up again. This went on for two months. But in the last month, his hours had gone up drastically while mine fell considerably. We’re talking a 15 hour difference. I’ve been there for two years.

I finally said something to one of my managers last month as I was moving. I said I’d take the lower hours that week since I needed the extra day to move, but that I wanted my hours. I was told “Oops, sorry about that. Won’t happen again.” But it did. And again. And again. Then came rent time and I had to SELL my own possessions just to get the last $50 for my rent. That was completely and unequivocally unacceptable. So, I took matters into my own hands.

I won’t bore you with all the details. But my company belongs to a union. I contacted them and told them what was happening. I can’t lie. I was terrified. I absolutely hate confrontation but I will absolutely stand up for something that I believe in. (And if you think I won’t then you honestly don’t know me, is what I usually tell people) It was bad enough that he is making more money than I (something he has brought up at least once a week since he originally told me). It was bad enough that he had gotten my hours. But then I realized that ALL of us women were losing their hours. And that just wasn’t right.

Which brings us to now. It wasn’t pretty. I’m not exactly popular amongst management at this time. They can’t retaliate against me (which is great) but they also don’t have to like me. Which stinks. I truly dislike being disliked. I know I shouldn’t care what people think of me – and in many cases, I don’t – but it’s different when it’s your bosses. I want my bosses to like me. I want them to see the great things I do at work, and be proud of how much I love working there. So it’s hard right now. I know if I give it a couple of weeks, everything will be back to normal. But I want that to be the case now.

But despite their unhappiness… it was worth it. The rash is gone. My hours have gone up and so have several of my co-workers. And the most important thing of all? I took actions and helped myself. They may not respect me. They may dislike me. But I can respect myself and nothing – and no one – can take that away from me.

July 10, 2015

One Hundred Words of Now

>> Stolen from Susannah <<

I could get lost here

Beau. Disappointment. Thrift store books. Zebra. Long walks. Vintage maps. DIY. Teal. Lack of sleep. Cool showers. Home. Loneliness. Trouble at work. Heatwave. Past. Future. Dodgers. Photographs. Wanderlust. Hiccups – always hiccups. Black cats. Constant fans. Marionberry Pie Ice Cream. Rebelling. Fighter. Purple sage. Empty travel jar. New friendships. Saying goodbye. The stars. Writer’s Block. Red eyeshadow. Handwashing laundry. Futurama. Saying hello. Sweat. Breathe. Journal. Frustration. Pepsi. Spinach. Hydrangea. Pacific Northwest. Amtrak. Tears. Slurpee. Ice. Stolen. Late. Miss my coffee. Letters. Nostalgia. Dinosaurs. Witches. Fairytales. Music. Modest Mouse. Agreement. Lust. Water. Binary blanket. Polka dots. La Lune. Lips. Sibling Rivalry. Color pens. Lists. Watermelon. Daisies. Salad. Tarragon. Contemplative. Impulsive. Envy. Messy buns. Strength. Punchy. Pizza. Spiders. Longing. Wondering. Worrying. Shorts. Boxes. Sandals. Smooth legs. Paper towns. Scrapboook. Lottery. Trust. Tarot. Waning moon. Missing Orion. Bruise. Tan. Tri-colored hair. Hopeful. Diet. Now. Confused.

What are your one hundred words of now? Share the link in a comment so I can check it out.

July 8, 2015

Fireworks & Raptors

I know. It’s Wednesday and therefore a bit late to be posting about the Fourth of July which was on SATURDAY. But I’m doing it anyway. For once, I actually had the holiday off, which is good because it’s the first time since I moved to Washington three years ago that I’ve had this holiday off and also bad because at work, we get double time and a half if you work the holiday. I still got paid for it. Just not the extra pay. But that’s okay. I needed some time off and this was also the first time I’d had two days off in a row since MAY. So yes. I enjoyed me my days off. And, I spent them with my beau *insert stupidly happy face here*

Since C works graveyard shift and since I needed to run errands/do chores anyway, we agreed to meet early Friday evening for our standing weekend date. (We get to see one another once a week – if we’re lucky – because of our work schedules) He picked me up at six and we headed out to IHOP which is his favorite place to go for dinner. I don’t mind it all. I mean, pancakes for dinner yo! After we stuffed ourselves silly we went and saw Jurassic World (my second time, his first). Put this girl near Raptors and she’s a happy camper. Finally it was time for FIREWORKS.

fireworks fireworks

In the Kitsap County area of Washington, fireworks are set off in Poulsbo on the 3rd and in Port Orchard on the 4th (that I know of) and since I was staying the night at his place, we drove to Poulsbo (it’s much closer to his place) for the show. We drove up into a field with everyone else and hopped out and sat in back of his SUV to watch the show. While we waited, we admired the moon and joked around and perhaps even stole some kisses. (Yes, I know. How adorable. *gag*) And yes, we took a selfie. God, how I hate the flash glare. The show didn’t disappoint. It lasted a good 30 minutes and was quite breathtaking. So glad I finally got to see it.

we're so cute PERFECTION

The next day C and his sister and decided to have a last minute barbecue at their house so we got up early and ran out to get all sorts of delicious things. When we got back to the house, C started up the grill and I started making my infamous deviled eggs. I didn’t get to take a pic of the finished ones because they disappeared so dang fast BUT please marvel at the smoothness of my beautiful and perfectly peeled eggs. Hey, that’s some skill right there! C’s work friends and his sister’s boyfriend came over and I invited my roommate to come up to since her plans had fallen through. We had a nice little group together.

AMERICA hydrangea love

We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, chicken kabobs and ears of corn, potatoes and brats. we stuffed ourselves full of chips and salsa and guacamole, deviled eggs, my patriotic tie-dyed cupcakes and super soft sugar cookies topped with gooey icing. We drank beer and ciders and sodas and tons of water. We talked. We laughed. We giggled. We kissed our significant other’s. We joked about sex and talked about treehouses and blanket forts. We sat on tree stumps by the fire pit, in the shade on the deck and under the cool bushes of the bright purple and blue hydrangeas that surround their house. It was a genuinely good time and I loved every second. In fact, I had such a great time, I put my phone down and didn’t pick it up again for hours. What a great feeling.

And the whole reason that I waited to post this? I updated my entire site! Completely new from top to bottom and I have to say that I’m absolutely loving it! I realized it needed to happen when I was avoiding blogging just so I wouldn’t have to go to my site. The layout had bothered me for awhile and I didn’t even realize it until the other night. But this one … so much more sleek and uncluttered and I love the feel of it. Happy new re-design to me!