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August 30, 2015

If Only It Had Been A Month Long Vacation…

It’s been almost a month since the last time I blogged and I wish I could blame it all on an awesome month long vacation, but unfortunately, my absence is just due to work. For the last three weeks, work has had me on a crazy schedule, making me switch my sleep schedule four times a week and giving me split days off. And making me wish that I was still on vacation. Which was low-key and yet fantastic.

C and I spent four days together, the most we’ve ever spent together at one time (gosh, conflicting schedules suck). We went exploring and I finally got to see parts of Washington that I had never seen before, some places only like 20 minutes or so away (holy crap, I need a car).

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Just a few shots of some the adventures that we went on. C and I spent time in Port Gamble, one of the most haunted towns in our area that also caters to tourists. Some of the houses from the original town have been restored and turned into stores. My favorite of them all was the metaphysical store. Calming and filled with all sorts of herbs, candles, incenses, stones, books and more. C actually goes on ghost investigations (more on that another time) and one of the photos he took was actually when he’d been in the metaphysical shop last year.

After Port Gamble, we headed out to Mount Walker to look at the Hood Canal from 2800 feet up. The view was stunning and I must have taken like 50 pictures, just of the view. We also visited Falls View and a waterfall in Brinnon before heading back for the day. We also spent a couple days juts relaxing and watching Star Wars and playing computer games. I also got to meet his mother, which made me ridiculously nervous, but she was so sweet and I really liked talking to her. I also, finally, got to go to Sluy’s Bakery in Poulsbo. A bakery that everyone has been telling me about for years. And now I know exactly why people go on about it. So fantastic. The kind of bakery I’d love to work for one day.

C also took me out to Point No Point, one of the (very) few beaches in Washington that actually has a sandy shore. I can’t lie. That’s one thing I miss about California. Sandy freaking beaches. Beaches should be sand and not rocks. And I got to go to one, and I totally walked the whole thing barefoot, stopping to dig my feet into the sand and just stand and stare out at the water. I’m definitely in my element when I’m at the water. AND I got to convince C to roll up his pant legs and get in the water with me, which is something he swore he wouldn’t do – and he enjoyed it. Yup, I win.

When I finally went home, I spent a couple days just relaxing, planting some herbs in pots and going on long walks to do some thinking before having to get back to the grind. One day soon I hope I can actually visit Port Angeles and maybe go down to Oregon, but this was a nice star. And hey, after 34 years I can finally say that I’ve officially had a campfire s’more! Yum!