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October 4, 2015

35 And I’m Feeling Fine

“How does it feel to be old?”

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this question since turning 35 two weeks ago. And how do I respond? With a laugh. Why? Because I’m not old. In fact, even with my illness and the extra weight that I literally cannot get rid of at this time, I actually feel happier, and younger, than I have in a very long time. For the first time in a very long time, I’m enjoying life. I’m embracing the changes, the hardships and the setbacks and running with them, adapting as I need to. Weirdly enough, with all the new restrictions that have entered my life, I actually feel more free.

Yes, two weeks ago I turned 35 and the day before that I threw an All That Jazz Party. (I came down with a horrible cold, which has since turned into bronchitis, hence the delay on this post) I have always wanted to throw a themed party and have always loved the history of the Roaring Twenties, so I combined the two. I decided to create a delicious meal for everyone I invited (14 adults, 3 kids), I created a special playlist for the night featuring electro-swing and classic jazz, and even created a homemade backdrop for the dinner table and for photo ops. I won’t lie. I was worried about two things: the undertaking and whether or not people would show up. The last couple of years that I’ve tried to do something fun for my birthday, it was a disaster. Either barely anyone showed after saying they would, or the place I choose ended up being horrible. But I can honestly say that this year’s birthday was actually the best that I have had since I was a kid. It was certainly the best I’ve had since my mom passed. My 31st would have been the next best, until it was ruined for me when I discovered that my then boyfriend has been lying to me about everything, including the girl he was cheating on me with. While that day was nice, once I found out the truth, I was devastated and never wanted to remember it. Too much bad history between me and that horrible girl. Thank god it’s all gone now! But anyway, let’s move on and talk about this year! I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of friends without their permission so the pictures are limited, but here’s a few fun ones!

Table setting! Flourless Chocolate Cake Don & Sherry The boyfrannnn

As I mentioned before, 17 people showed up. Many actually dressed up for the party ranging for halloween flapper and zoot suits costumes to black and white outfits that would have fit right in the 20’s to just black dresses and pearls. It was great to see the different outfits and so much fun to get that theme in. My colors were black, white and gold and we hung streamers and tissue flowers along with the backdrop. I made bacon wrapped beef medallions, the skinny crustless spinach quiche recipe I posted before, wild rice pilaf, a spinach, strawberry & candied pecan salad with poppy seed dressing, flourless chocolate mini cakes toped with raspberries and powdered sugar and white champagne cupcakes with dark chocolate buttercream, all from scratch. I also had veggie trays, spinach dip and bread, and lots pf champagne.

Roomie! Boyfriend and I Roomie, Boyfriend and I More table goodness

I took several pictures with my roommate and boyfriend as well as a few other friends. We laughed. We had a talent show (suggestion by one of the kiddos and it was actually a ton of fun) and we drank all night. Great music, great people, great food (even with a tiny kitchen fire that I handled like a pro – old stove, anything that touches the burned basically catches on fire lol) And when people started to leave and clear out, a nice group of us remained to play Cards Against Humanity. So. Much. Freaking. Fun.

Champagne Cupcakes! Birthday Selfie

And no party is complete without a Birthday Selfie ;) I am so thankful to the many friends that came to my party. Especially to my friend Irene. I’m glad that she and I are able to put the past behind us and move on. I have missed her dearly and I am thankful she’s back in my life. Between her and my roommate Rachel I can honestly say that I have some of the best friends that a girl could have. Oh, and because no party post is ever truly comeplete without a great playlist, please enjoy the list I created for this wonderful night!

If you were going to throw a themed party, what theme would you choose? How come? Let me know in the comments! AND don’t forget to enter the “It’s Autumn in the PNW” giveaway which closes at 11:59pm (PST) 10/18!