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October 30, 2016

Oh, how time flies!

To be completely honest, I’m not even sure how to start. There has been a ridiculous amount of things going on within the last 6 months. So many changes – good ones! If anyone reading this follows me on any type of social media platform, you may already know some of things, but probably not everything. So much to discuss. So let’s just jump in!

Silversun Pickups, up close and personal! Blonde! Inked again! Astoria Column

– In late April/early May, I made a drastic change and went BLONDE. Very, very blonde. I loved it, but unfortunately my hair also hasn’t been the same since.

– In mid May I met a guy on a dating site (W) and we hit it off immediately. We started off a friends and well, fast forward 5 months and we’re still seeing one another. Exclusively. He’s become a good friend as well as a potential SO. We’re talking about that, anyway. We’ve both been hurt so we’re taking it slow. But he’s a wonderful person, even if he’s young. Yeah, yeah. I know. Cougar. Oops. I think we’re pretty cute together. But I’ll let you judge for yourself.

– In June I got to go see one of my favorite bands of all time. Silversun Pickups came to Seattle and I wasn’t about to miss that for any reason, considering that I have missed them THREE other times before. But not only did I make the concert, I ended up right in the front and also discovered the amazingness that was the opening band, Joywave. I got some fantastic shots too!

– In late June, I got my third and largest tattoo. One I had been wanting for over two years. Cherry blossoms on my arm with a line from my favorite band, Nine Inch Nails. The lyric is “Nothing can stop me now.” If that isn’t positive, I don’t know what is.

– In mid July, I FINALLY quit my job. Apparently I shocked most of upper management. I’m not sure how that is since almost everyone knew that a) I was beyond exhausted all the time and b) I had started to truly hate my job. I’ve been unemployed for about 3.5 months now and have enjoyed it. I start looking for a new temporary job tomorrow and then am hoping to break into the restaurant jobs after the new year. As I have always wanted. Don’t worry. I’m financially okay. I won’t talk about finances, but yes. I am secure.

Perfection This House! mini golf with these nerds! Hodor!

– To celebrate my unemployment, I bought something I have always wanted. An infinity ring from Tiffany & Co. And yes. I kept my box.

– I finally got my passport. Previously I’d only had a passport card.

– I bought a brand new bed! Completely brand new, and the first bed I’ve ever gotten for myself that wasn’t used. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Best investment ever.

– I decided it was high time I go to an actual salon and get my hair done properly for the first time ever, and I did. He worked magic. Beautiful cut, all over evened out my blonde and then finally I added some fun streaks of fantasy color. Something I’d never done before and I chose a beautiful fuchsia shade, which he mixed just for me.

– I visited Astoria, Oregon with my male best friend and he showed me the wreckage of the Peter Iredale, the Astoria Column, the Goonies house and the bay parts of Free Willy were filmed at. Then later I went to Seabrook and Ocean Shores, Washington with my BFF and always and ate amazing food, stepped into the water, bought WAY too much salt water taffy and fell in love with the perfect houses.

– I contacted an ex-boyfriend. One that I had loved with all my heart and was treated not very nicely by him. He had once been my best friend and my partner. Now we’re nothing and haven’t been for almost 4 years. So it was really hard. But I did only because I owed him money and could finally pay him back. So. I contacted him. Paid him back. Said what I needed to say. And FINALLY got the closure I desperately needed. And I did it all on my own. If someone won’t/can’t give you closure? Get it for yourself. It helps.

– In August I went to The Rave of Thrones in Seattle with W and a couple friends where we got to watch Hodor (Game of Thrones) spin, because he’s an actual DJ. Was a blast! W and I stayed in Seattle and decided to explore together the next day. For someone who grew up only a couple hours from Seattle, he hasn’t been there much and it was a blast showing him the best parts.

All the braids Nerd Alert! Birthday Shenanigans! marshmallows

– Finally visited the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire! I actually went for a whole weekend. First with my friend Cera and then with W. I, of course, had my hair braided. All the braids! We ate a lot, drank a ton of mead, listened to all the bawdy jokes and bought way to many wonderful things. I managed to start on my Christmas shopping.

– NERD ALERT! W and I joined our local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. If you’re not familiar with the SCA, it’s an international organization, divided up into “kingdoms,” that researches and recreates pre-17th Century (generally) European history. It’s a ton of fun and we’ve met some truly wonderful people through it.

– I celebrated my 36th birthday first with a night alone with W. We went shopping, had dinner together, stayed in a local hotel and indulged in some night swimming and drinks and then saw a movie (the new Blair Witch – not impressed) all before having a small party with close friends the next night. I actually dressed up and wore a dress! I curled my hair, we had Italian food at a local restaurant and then went back to my house for Cards Against Humanity, many drinks and tons of laughter. The following day after that, my friend Cera and I went and had a birthday breakfast on my actual birthday and I got teddy pear pancakes. Later in the week, my BFF and I got together for dinner and fun times. She’s currently going back to school – I’m SOOOOOO damn proud of her! But quality time with her can be difficult to get. School comes first! I cherish it whenever I can get it.

– I booked my first trip to Europe! And W came with me!

– I started baking\cooking again. Basil garlic hummus, tomato basil soup, lemon curd, chai scones, cinnamon honey butter, pumpkin butter, maple bacon marshmallows, chai spiced baked doughnuts, stout beer bread, all sorts of goodies!

– W and I spent more time checking out some local sites. I introduced him to Port Gamble and we ventured into Poulsbo together and spent a fun day in metaphysical shops and eating ice cream.

Dark again! Dreams come true. History. European Vacation

– Went camping for the first time since I was a teenager with W. It was local and for an SCA event but it counts. It was still 2 nights in a tent, under the stars. And we had a blast. Need to do it again!

– I dyed my hair again and went back to being a brunette. The blonde, as much as I loved it, was too much upkeep. It was supposed to be a light brown. My hair just really loves dark hair dye. But I still added my fantasy color. This time, streaks of purple.

– I bought myself an Xbox One and a ton of games and got lost gaming for awhile. Something I hadn’t done since the PS2 was still a hot system.

– I also finally got a Keurig and started drinking ALL OF THE COFFEES.

– My trip finally arrived! I got to travel outside of North America for the first time in my life. We flew to Paris for three days and then took the night train to Rome for another three days before coming back home.

– I saw the Eiffel Tower! I had lunch at Le Jules Verne, the Michelin Star restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower. I saw the Arc de Triomphe and walked along the River Seine and down the Champs-Élysées. I walked around the outside of the Louvre and ate pain au chocolat and croque monsieur and all the macarons. I went to the Moulin Rouge! I slept in bed on a train. I went to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus and stepped on roads that had once been walked by Julius Caesar. I ate gelato near the Trevi Fountain and made my wish. I ate all the gnocchi and drank all the Espresso. I went to the Vatican City and took a forbidden photo of the Sistine Chapel. I got stopped by the Italian military police and had my wits scared. I ate German sausages in an airport in Frankfurt and had my first pat down by TSA. And I had my passport stamped twice! Dreams do come true!

– And I caught a wicked bug during my trip but refused to let it get me down. And as soon as I came home, I succumbed and lost 3 days to sleeping. Whoops!

– But the biggest and most important thing of all? I’m almost 100% debt free. I never thought that would happen. But it’s true. Student loans, medical debt, it’s almost all gone. My credit score has gone up almost 50 points and I now have two store cards to try and fix my credit. I’m doing it right this time!

And that, my dear followers, is why I disappeared. It’s truly been a crazy 6 months. But I wouldn’t change any of it for anything in the world! What have you all been up to?! Please leave a comment telling me all of your antics and I’ll come by and check things out for myself!