December 22, 2015

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …

The Force Awakens

I’m sorry. I know. I keep apologizing for the same thing but it’s true. My lack of an appearance online is due to work. I’ve been stuck on 4am shifts (which are now 3am for the holidays) for two months now. And it’s been totally wiping me out. I’m sleeping an average of 36-40 hours a week. I work an average of about the same. I got behind on christmas gifts, decorating for christmas and pretty much life in general. I’ve barely been able to see my friends because I get up at 3am (now 2am) am at work by 4am, work til 1pm, get home by 2pm and try to stay awake until 7pm where I rinse and repeat.

My days off have not been consecutive so I can’t catch up on sleep. Heck, I haven’t even seen my boyfriend in 3 weeks. But, hey. I have a job. One that has been major stressful because of my boss. Who finally stepped down and is leaving the department this week. It’s been a long time coming. Hopefully afterwards, my stress can diminish. And when I say stress, I mean stress: my hair has been falling out faster than is normal, I have a stress rash on my legs and near my shoulders and I broke down last week because of a panic attack caused buy claustrophobia from the disaster that is my department. This is why I have been MIA. Oy. But let’s move on, shall we?

December Fun 1

In the last few weeks, I have managed to at least have SOME fun. I decided to take the plunge and became an Avon Representative! I haven’t had much time to do anything with it as of yet, but am planning a local Avon Party at my house after the holidays. I’e always liked Avon products and once upon a time, I actually was a representative for their sister company, mark. So I decided, why not take the plunge. If you’re interested in some Avon, whether to buy or just to pick my brain for honest reviews, let me know! I also offer discounts and free products ;) Adonis sure loves the boxes that they send me my products in. It’s a win-win all around.

My roommate Rachel and I also found some time to bake and decorate a cake for my friend Irene’s mother’s birthday! I made a chocolate stout cake with dark buttercream frosting ad we dusted it with edible gold dust. It was a ton of fun to make and I hope that it was as good as it looks! I will say, the remnants of the pieces we cut off to frost it, were freaking delicious and I need to make another cake asap. For myself! Yum.

I enjoyed celebrating Hanukkah this year and introducing my roommate to the holiday. We also checked out a few thrift shops around town where I managed to pick up a tree skirt, a jolly Father Christmas figurine, an angel for our tree and the jackpot, ornaments exactly like the ones I grew up with. And I got them all for less than $8. The ornaments were the best find. After my mom passed, I was evicted from the house (I had moved back in after my ex and I had split up and also because she was sick – long story) and one of the things I left behind, was the box of all our Christmas ornaments. These slightly tacky and ugly ornaments were the highlight of every Christmas season for me. They were the first things I’d add to the tree. So finding them, after all these years, felt like a special kind of fate. I haven’t felt the Christmas spirit since Mom passed. It’s hard when your only parent passes and your brother decides you’re to blame. Haven’t had either in my life for almost 8 years now. But this, this helped a bit. Time to start my own traditions with these little gems.

December Fun 2

Rachel and I also managed to find some time this weekend to create individual ornaments for our co-workers. We thought it would be a fun little different gift. None of us have ever done ornaments for each other at work, plus it was a blast trying to figure out how to make them all different.

But the highlight of this December, for me at least, and let’s be honest, if you know me even a tiny bit you already know the answer to this — STAR WARS! Yup. Rachel and I had tickets for The Force Awakens, at 7pm on Thursday night. And boy, was it packed. 300 of us in the theater at one time. There were costumes, and silly pictures being taken, and tons of Chewbacca impersonations going on. I didn’t dress up, but I was crazy Star wars blinged out. Had on my vintage Star Wars t-shirt, my Darth Vader earrings and socks, my Star Wars Cover Girl lipstick, Imperial dogtag and my TIE Fighter necklace, not to mention, the best part of all, the Darth Vader purse that Rachel had gotten me for my birthday!

I was ridiculously excited all day, I started the day off by making Death Star waffle for Rachel and I, courtesy of the waffle iron that C bought me as a late birthday gift. We passed the day by running errands and picking up last minute Christmas gifts. I even had a Darth Vader key made for myself, since we’ve decided to renew our lease when it comes time in May. Finally, it was Star Wars time! I was nervous, anxious and happy all at one time. I was worried that my hopes were too high. But I was very happy with the way the movie turned out. It was a lot funnier than I thought it would be, and there was still the typical Star Wars darkness that is in every movie. The general feel was very much like the original series. There was CGI but on a very small scale, pretty much only where it needed to be, unlike the prequels. You could tell the focus was on the story itself and on the character relationships. I absolutely love Rey and have my own theories about her. My main follows that JJ Abrams is lying about her origins – which he’s done in past movies. I totally called three different plot points – but don’t worry, I won’t say each ones. If you’re curious, I’m always up for a discussion if you comment! And don’t get me started on Kylo Ren. He may be, as one friend put it, “a whiny man-child” but I love him, temper and all. Mainly because, just as with Darth Vader, I get him. I understand his issues. I also love BB-8, more than I ever loved r2-d2. I think BB-8 is freaking adorable, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy a BB-8 straw. The movie is not perfect, but then no movie really is. You don’t get all the answers. But then, there are still two more movies to go.

I probably won’t get another chance to post until Christmas, so I’m taking my chance now to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Yule and a wonderful New Year!

How’s your December going? Did you see Star Wars? I’d love to hear all about you month, your thoughts on the movie and what you’re doing for Christmas! Please do not leave any spoilers in the comments as this is a spoiler-free zone. Merry Christmas!

  • BB-8 is adorable! I love that straw! I liked the movie a lot. I liked Fin and Rey, and I liked Kylo Ren too.I think a lot of the reason I liked him is I like the actor from seeing him on Girls.

  • So fun!! It definitely seems like you are still able to keep it festive despite being so busy! Kudos!! :) :) I will admit I am WAY behind the Star Wars thing. : / Someday, maybe I’ll catch up! :P Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! XO -Alexandra

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