July 31, 2015

And I’ll Become The Sea…

For an earth sign (Virgo) with a rising earth sign (Capricorn) as well, I sure love the water. I literally come alive when I am in or near the water. For years I’ve joked that the water turns me into a child again. And it’s pretty much true. My “froomie” has been witnessing this first hand, and even caught the evidence on tape. Aside from my already existing love for water, C and I had been unable to see each other for 3 weeks due to our completely opposite work schedules and my weekend shifts (his is steady, mine changes weekly). So since I’d been feeling down about that and just feeling kind of lonely on my days off, I started walking down to the Sound, since I live not even a quarter of a mile away from it. I’ve also managed to explore parts of Port Townsend and also checked out Illahee State Park.

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And, just because this sunset came out wonderfully, comeplete with moon and because my roommate and I are absolutely adorkable and silly, here’s a couple more photos.

that. moon. yep, we're dorks

Jellies! I’d never actually seen jellies before other than in an aquarium. And there were at least 100 of them just floating and swimming around in the sound by Illahee State Park. It was definitely a new experience for me. I’m assuming they are harmless as people were swimming in the sound and there didn’t appear to be any complaints. Maybe it’s a depth thing? The swimmers were farther out.

Anyway, it’s been extremely peaceful, perfect for some thinking and introspection. I found a little vista complete with benches that overlooks a huge part of the sound and has paths that follow down to the water’s edge and I’ve taken my journal up there a few times to just write and soak up some rays. I’ve been collecting shells, dipping my feet in the water, feeding the ducks and laid back on the massive rocks while staring up at the clouds. Of course, I’ve been bringing tons of water to keep hydrated while I spend a couple hours in the sun. And I’m slowly turning a couple shades darker, despite my use of sunscreen. It may not be as nice as spending time with my boyfriend, but hey. A girl has got to keep busy.

Speaking of C, he and I are actually taking some vacation time together next week. He is off as of this morning and until Sunday night when he goes back to work. My vacation starts after my shift tomorrow and goes until sunday morning. We are going to spend 5 wonderful days together and have lots of adventures lined up, so expect lots of pictures when I blog again after my vacation. We’re staying locally, but the best part is that I’ve barely even scratched the surface of Washington and am eager to see it all!

Have you been on a vacation yet this summer? What were you most looking forward to doing? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!

  • Large bodies of water are simply made for introspection! There’s nothing like it. What a beautiful place and jaunt. And cool you saw jellies!

  • I hope that you and C can spend more time together soon. My husband and I both had irregular schedules before I became a housewife, and his schedule is still crazy now.

  • How beautiful! I wish I lived closer to water. The ocean is my favorite place to be–I even got married on the beach! I’m looking forward to our beach vacation in a few weeks.
    The little baby jellies are cool to watch at night! Once when I was in Mississippi, we were walking on the beach and a bunch had washed up on shore and would kind of glow as we walked in the sand. Lol

  • Man, ,these photos just make me sooo jealous! So beautiful. I rarely get to see the ocean, how lucky that you are SO close!

  • ahh enjoy your vacation! how fun. i love vacation lol. we went to europe in june and are going to disney in a few months, can’t wait!
    i wish we lived closer to water! i miss it.