May 3, 2016

Bucket List, Schmucket List

I’m a true Virgo. I’ve always been a bit of a planner. I prefer to map out how everything should go each day. What time I should eat, what time I should go to bed, how long I should watch a show (which lately is apparently all day. oops), what time i’ll get home from the movie I go see, etc. While things may not always go according to plan (read: almost never) I feel better with a list, whether in my head or on paper. So it should come to no surprise that I do in fact have a bucket list (especially since I mentioned it in my last blog about San Francisco :D) Except, mine isn’t really a list …


It’s a damn book. Yes. My “bucket list” fills up a 70 page, composition size notebook more than 3/4 of the way. There is so much that I have never seen or done that I’m just forever finding things to do. There are things that people normally grow up doing that I had never done. For example, I was 31 before I ever had my first Twinkie. I was in my thirties the first time I ever had s’mores. I had never had a real hot fudge sundae until I was 29. Things like that. So while my bucket list does contain things like “Visit the Louvre” there’s also things like “Learn to play pool.” I personally find it fascinating to find out what people have (and have not) done throughout their lives. It’s a great way to get to know someone, learning what fears they may have faced or what goals they have accomplished. Which is why I love going through people’s bucket lists. Plus, I’m all about the little things in life, sometimes it’s the tiniest things that can make our days, which is why I have so many of them in my bucket … book. Here’s a little glimpse into mine:

01) Take a cross country road trip
02) Learn to speak fluent Italian
03) See the Northern Lights
04) Eat a pastry outside of a bakery in France
05) Read every book that I own
06) Have a romantic nighttime picnic
07) Cuddle a lion cub
08) Make muffins from wild Maine blueberries that I’ve picked myself
09) Hang glide off a cliff
10) Hear Big Ben chime
11) Explore Muir Woods
12) be considered the “cool parent” by my future children’s friends
13) Learn to roller skate
14) Ask a stranger out on impulse
15) Float on the Dead Sea
16) Cuddle with my future love during a midnight sleigh ride
17) Watch Sesame Street with my future grandchildren
18) Spend a rainy Saturday listening to opera and reading beside the fire
19) See the Acropolis of Athens in the moonlight
20) Have a romantic fling with an attractive Italian man who does not speak English
21) Eat cannoli in Italy
22) Swim with sharks
23) Forgive my ex
24) Grow old with someone I love
25) Own a fire engine red Corvette

Have I mentioned that I’m also a dreamer? Do you keep a bucket list? How successful have you been at crossing items off your list? What types of goals/adventures/dreams can be found on your list? I’d love to hear all about in the comments!

  • I could’ve gone my whole life without trying a Twinkie. I hate those things! Ha! There are a lot of things I want to do, especially places I want to go!!!

    • Ha! It turns out I dislike Twinkies. I haven’t had one since!

  • I love that cuddle a lion cub is next to making muffins! Our brains are the same :)

  • I love goals of all kinds! You know that! hehe I don’t really have an overall bucket list…. I sort of have a growing travel bucket list. Mostly, I have a 10-year goal list, and a 1,001 things in 101 days list. Which are probably as close as I will get for now. Though, growing a bucket list sounds great to me! :P I love the snippet of yours (what you didn’t want to post all 70+ pages?!). Looks like you need to start putting your pennies in an “Italy” jar. In terms of the language.. I LOVE the duolingo app. It’s free and totally fabulous. This is coming from someone who is NOT good at all with language. I think it makes it easier though! :) You’re totally welcome to check out my 1,001 things in 101 days post on the blog! I should re-visit my 10 year list and get it posted one of these days! I always DO try to build those two longer term lists into my yearly and monthly goals though. Helps me keep achieving! :) XO – Alexandra

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