October 27, 2015

Mixes: p a r a n o i a

I freaking love Halloween. In fact, it’s like Christmas for me. I love decorating and carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds and buying candy for the trick or treaters and of course I can’t forget all the fun Halloween baking. Add all the horror movies as well as the scary books and the childhood favorite Halloween movies and it all adds up to 100% fun! So what better way to celebrate Halloween then making a brand new Halloween playlist? However, I didn’t want your typical Halloween mix. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thriller as much as the next person. But how many playlists do we need with Thriller on it? Aren’t there already like 15,000 of them? So I wanted to go another way.


As in, if you were walking home from work at night and any of these songs came on, you’d instantly think you were in a horror movie. I wanted to try and invoke the spine-tingling, haunted feeling, as if you were afraid you may have just seen something move out of the corner of eye, only to realize that there’s actually nothing there. *shivers* Gotta love those chills.

I hope you enjoy this creeptastic mix!

p a r a n o i a

p a r a n o i a tracklisting

Are you ready for Halloween? What songs would you put on your ultimate Halloween playlist? Let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to take part in the I’m So Thankful link-up! If you plan on posting a blog about what you’re thankful for, please remember to link with me!

September 1, 2015

Mixes: Cinnamon & Cloves

The recent rainstorm that hit the Puget Sound this week made me feel all tingly and eager for autumn, even if I haven’t been ready for summer to end. The raindrops hitting the windows, the heavy, dark clouds, the cold winds all put me in the mood for a new autumn mix, so I spent and early morning putting one together with songs that invoke feelings of autumn in me. I hope you like it.

cinnamon & cloves

cinnamon & cloves tracklisting

Are you ready for autumn? What songs would you put on your ultimate autumn playlist? Let me know in the comments!

June 23, 2015

Tuesday Tuneage #9

I absolutely love music. I can’t go through a day easily without it. Even at work (at least with my early shifts) I’ll have one of three music apps on my phone playing before the store opens. While working on a blog or even writing in my journal, I have to listen to one of my several playlists on itunes (playlists are the best things ever) or on 8tracks. Because of my love of music, I plan on sharing one song a week here on my blog. Either something I’ve always loved or a new song I’ve recently discovered.

New Born – Muse
“Destroy the spineless
Show me it’s real
Wasting our last chance
To come away”

I discovered Muse (an English rock band) about twelve years ago, long before Twilight ever made them mainstream. I’ve always loved their loud and upbeat songs and have always loved the fact that most of the time, their upbeat music tends to mask just how devastating their lyrics can be. I highly recommend Darkshines, Map of the Problematique, their cover of Feeling Good and their newest hit, Dead Inside.

What songs/bands have you been listening to? Feel free to comment with some of your favorites or the ones you just discovered and can’t seem to stop playing.