February 18, 2015


+ Reading: I just started reading “The Fever” by Megan Abbott. I always love the plot lines of her books. But I have a hard time getting into them. Yet I always keep trying. Hopefully, this one will be different.

+ Watching: I actually haven’t been watching a whole lot of things lately. Movies every so often, but more as background noise while I’m crafting or writing. I have a hard time writing in silence. Although, I did watch The Incredibles with my honorary niece :)

+ Listening: The Black Keys, Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse and Kings of Leon. I love so many bands but lately, it’s been music by these bands.

+ Contemplating: What I want to do at work and where I want to be. Should I stay with the company? And if so, what career path should I take? I enjoy baking. But I am no longer content with my job. I need a challenge.

+ Learning: I learned an important lesson – one that people have been trying to teach me for awhile. There really ARE good guys out there. And I have found one :)

+ Awaiting: Two words: JURASSIC WORLD. Two more words: STAR WARS.

+ Creating: I made my own watercolor valentines, more scrapbook envelopes for letters, devils food cookies, several canvas artworks for my walls, and writing. Next up is to make a diy cake stand.

+ Coveting: This floral skull mesh dress from Torrid. How adorable is this dress? And now that my pretty black dress is too big on me, I’m in the market for a new dress.

+ Happymaking: Seeing C, the sun finally coming out and warming up outside, giggling with the bestie’s kids and movie-watching and back scratches with the bestie. It’s nice to sit back and relax instead of always stressing.

  • So happy you have found a good guy! They really are out there. Im currently single but will never be a man hater and hate that so many people are!

  • Loving this post idea! [May have to steal >_< lol] I hope to see your crafted bits soon [either through scrolling or when you post em], they sound like they'd come out nicely. I definitely agree with your outlook on stress :) [Comment and Follow #38 – AJStarfish]

  • DH

    Love that dress!! The current objects of my desire are a pair of Naughty Monkey Harli Mudflap boots. I’m thinking they would go well with that dress! :)

  • Your blog lay-out is so pretty! I love the photo on this post~ it’s always so interesting seeing what other people are up to! I may have to borrow this idea for one of my blog posts sometime =)

    [Comment & Follow #38]

  • I took a big step by informing my superior about my resignation after being in this comfortable working environment for five years. If you know what you want, just go for it! ;)

    Dropping by via nomElizabeth for Comment and follow #38