October 16, 2015



+ Reading: In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume, which I borrowed from my friend Irene and also Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris one of the last few books in the Southern Vampires (True Blood) series.

+ Listening: I’ve been listening to a lot of Post Modern Jukebox. I discovered them when I made the playlist for my birthday party. Basically, the group takes modern songs and recreates them (and sometimes adds dances) using various other themes. Such as a Chicago style Single Ladies. My favorites are Seven Nation Army as New Orleans style jazz and a Roaring Twenties version of Bad Romance.

Irene & I Rachel & I

+ Contemplating: How lucky I am to have these two women in my life. I’ve been given a second chance with my friends Irene and words cannot explain how lucky I feel. I love you. I won’t let you down. As for Rachel, I’m lucky I found her. At the very least, my job led me to a wonderful coworker, friend AND roommate. (Why do I always hold my mouth weird in photos?!)

+ Learning: People change. They can change for the worse, or for the better. Sometimes people do stupid, shitty things that they never thought they’d do and and don’t know why they do them. And yet, they can move beyond that and never do those things again. Give them chances. You won’t always be let down.

+ Awaiting: Going to a corn maze with my ladies. The Port Gamble Ghost Conference. Halloween. Autumn Baking. Holidays. STAR WARS.

+ Purchasing: All the Star Wars things. I’ve purchased 4 brand new Star Wars socks (three of which feature my husband, Darth Vader) as well as a pair of gorgeous Darth Vader earrings that are shown above. Heck. I even bought Star Wars toys for my kitten Adonis!

+ Creating: Redoing the paint job on an end table. Turning our living room into a palette of earth colors. Homemade sprinkles. Haikus. In fact, I’ve been keeping a haiku journal.

+ Coveting: This Harry Potter Related Candle. Cedarwood, vanilla, lemon and fireplace? Oh yes! I love nerdy things that aren’t overtly nerdy (but then I also love overtly nerdy things too). Speaking of nerdy, I’m a huge lover of the early 90’s show Twin Peaks (which was filmed & took place in Washington) and I came across this pillow on etsy. gosh, how I love that site!

+ Watching: I’ve been binging big time on some American Horror Story: Freakshow, Tremors 5 and of course, iZombie. I freaking loved Veronica Mars and when I heard Rob Thomas was doing iZombie I was all over it.

+ Happymaking: Autumn. Visits with my friend Irene (which needs to happen more often). Buying washi tape. Writing letters (anyone want a card/postcard/letter?!). Apple cider everything. Cuddling my kitten Adonis, rank kitten farts and all.

What are you currently up to? Any new books or movies you’re watching? New fashions that you’re coveting? I’d love to know all about them.

  • Let’s be pen pals ?. I love writing letters!

  • how are you liking the sookie stackhouse book? i LOVED that series. until the last 2 books, really the last one.
    lol @ kitten farts. hilarious!

  • YES! I love the seven nation army post modern juke box!!! It is so so so so good! :) Super excited to have won your giveaway by the way! Whoop Whoop! :) Also, we totally just started iZombie over the weekend. I’m so glad it’s finally on Neflix, the CW wasn’t changing their videos that were up and it was killing me. It’s so so good so far. Really clever and fun! :) & you know I’m alll about the snail mail!! :) XO – Alexandra

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