May 21, 2014

First Dates and Love Locks

If the one I like can’t see the awesomeness that is me, find someone better.

This just happens to be my new motto and plan. Yes. I have feelings for someone and have for a little while. They’ve gone down in intensity but they are still there. But if this person can’t see how awesome I am and would be for them, then it’s time for me to move on and find someone who isn’t blind. This is the lesson that I’ve learned from my last couple relationships. One that I wish that I had learned earlier, but hey. At least it was learned, right? Which brings me to Saturday.

Saturday was a typical mid May day. Slightly overcast with blue skies and a chance of rain. It was gorgeous and a little warm, a perfect day for a first date with a guy that I’ll call C. C and I have been talking since March 30th. Lots of great conversations and getting to know one another. So when he suggested that we meet, I was definitely all for it. I woke up early, got all gussied up and headed on downtown to catch the ferry to Seattle. I love the ferry. It’s calming and I can sit there and daydream or read while I wait for my adventure to begin in Seattle. Or I can take pics of the gorgeous scenery.

Puget Sound

I won’t lie. Even though C and I had been talking for about six weeks, I was still really nervous to meet him. In fact, I was more nervous to meet him than I have been to meet a few of the other guys I have been on dates with. Probably because I actually like him and wanted to make a good impression on him. I even got all gussied up. I actually thought I looked rather pretty and yes, I took a selfie:

First Date Selfie

Turns out that I had no reason to be nervous. C was a complete gentleman and he was very easy to talk to. We spent the day walking around Seattle, starting with grapefruit granitas and gelato (lemon for me and strawberry for him) from Caffe Umbria, some skeeball and air hockey at GameWorks and a quick lunch at a little Vietnamese place, which was a first for me. I tried fresh spring rolls with prawns and absolutely loved them. While we were roaming around the city, I stumbled across the Seattle Love Locks! I didn’t even know that people were doing this in Seattle!

Seattle Love Locks

C and I actually have a LOT in common. We’re both fairly geeky with a love for Star Wars and loud music. We both enjoy answering questions and both list sense of humor as the #2 things we’re looking for in a significant other. We both love sushi and reading. We also both have issues opening up to others and have crazy exes. As we waited for my ferry to arrive, we wandered around a couple of the stores along the waterfront, including my absolute favorite one, Pirates Plunder which showcases pirates (of course), zombies and all the cheesy Seattle goodies you could ever hope to find. While there, I picked up some chocolate goodies for a friend and for my Uncle.

Finally it was time to catch my ferry and C walked me back to the terminal. We hugged goodbye and made plans to see each other again. We’ve talked a bit since then and I hope that we do see one another soon. He’s someone I could actually see myself with. And he thinks that I’m smart, funny and beautiful. Definitely blush worthy. While sitting on the ferry and waiting to head back to Bremerton, I snapped a quick pic of the waterfront. It’s probably my most favorite photo that I have taken of the city. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Not too shabby for a smartphone camera.

Seattle Waterfront

  • I love your entire post but that first paragraph is soooo important. Im glad you know your worth girlie :)

  • Ooh, I wondered how it went. What a lovely day. And that pirate place sounds awesome! I bet it would be a favorite of mine, too :)

    • Oh I guarantee that you would love it Anya. Next time I’m there I’ll grab some pics inside the shop for you!
      Thanks Krystal! It was a lesson that took a long time, but I am so glad that I learned it!

  • What beautiful photos! I LOVE that last one. Wow! Glad your date went well! And never forget what you’re telling yourself in this post! It has taken me a long, long time to learn and apply it to my life. <3