January 3, 2015

Hello 2015!

Welcome to a whole new year! Unlike many people that I know, 2014 was actually a pretty good year for me. That doesn’t mean that the year didn’t contain some twists and turns. It definitely did. But overall, it was a pretty positive experience!

+ 2014 started out on a positive note. I spent New Year’s Eve 2013 and the early morning of New Year’s Day 2014 watching the fireworks over the Puget Sound with a couple of good friends, bundled up in blankets.

+ I started as a baker at my job, and not just a bakery clerk.

+ I removed someone from my life. It was hard and for awhile it hurt quite a bit. But it’s now been 11 months since we last talked and I feel much better without the pain he caused me, let alone the fact that I’m no longer being harassed by his crazy girlfriend(?).

+ I received two raises at work.

+ I got to go back to California for the first time since 2009 and see my Uncle and cousins again.

+ I lost almost 25 lbs. I wanted to lose more, but at least it’s a damn good start!

+ I had a summer romance before sending him packing. I’m not really as ruthless as I made that sound. It was more the fact that we wanted two different things.

+ I moved in with one of my closest friends and became even better friends with his “baby momma” for lack of a better word. Not to mention the fact that his kids adore me and call me Auntie. Love them dearly. All of them.

+ I made almost $500 baking all of a co-workers holiday baking – and may have actually picked up some business thanks to her as well!

+ I ended the year by winning a sweepstakes from one of my favorite authors and received an Advance Readers Copy of her newest book – which I’d been dying to read!

+ I completed 4 of the 7 resolutions that I made in 2014! Not too shabby.

– I finally found out why my kidneys have been giving me so much trouble. I was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome, a genetic disorder that I had to inherit from my father. If he’d actually stayed in my life, perhaps I could have nipped this in the bud years ago. But, oh well. At least I know the cause now.

– My 4am shifts are killing me and sometimes (read: almost always lately) my boss has been a crazy tyrant. I enjoy my job, on the days my boss doesn’t work…

– My step-grandmother is getting sicker and sicker and I worry each time that I talk to her, that that will be the last time I’ll hear her voice. My family is getting smaller and smaller and it truly makes me sad.

Honestly, if those three things are the worst I can say about my year, then I’m definitely not doing too badly. I mean, sure. I could complain about a hell of a lot more. But that’s one of the things that, (while I already believed it), I’ve truly learned this past year. Stop sweating the small stuff and be happy with you HAVE done. Besides, that’s what 2015 is for. To keep all those new resolutions, see all those sights I still haven’t seen and enjoy life even more.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2015 bring happiness, love and good health tp you and to everyone you love.

  • I enjoyed reading your overview of 2014. You must be a amazing baker! Although getting up early in am would be hard to get use to I’m sure. Hope you grandma is doing ok.
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