March 7, 2015

How Sweet It Is #5

I’m always telling my friends how it’s the little things in life that truly make me happy and give me the most enjoyment. I definitely need to start focusing on the positive things in my life, so I’ve started to chronicle the things that make me smile or bring me joy, each week.

01) My walks to and from work, making me realize just how beautiful this area really is. See? ^^
02) Finding a red lipstick that compliments my coloring. Loooove it.
03) Rediscovering my love for Tumblr.
04) Reading tons of books. I hadn’t been reading as much as I had missed it.
05) Getting internet again. Dear god, how I’ve missed it.
06) Seeing C every week. I miss him during the week but it makes cuddling that much more important.
07) Losing weight – I’m officially down 30 lbs. And it feels good.
08) Wearing C’s shirts when I stay over – and being small enough that they fit.
09) Baggy men’s pj pants. My own. I buy the mens ones because they are super comfy.
10) Shopping with Twitchy and the kiddos.
11) Long talks and tons of laughs with twitchy while tackling mundane activities such as folding laundry.
12) Hanging out with my closest girl friend Rachel. Love her to pieces and love learning more about this nerdy, awesome chica.
13) Having to go shopping because all my clothes are too big.
14) My new tablet. Makes blogging easier.
15) Making plans with C for the spring.
16) Planning to see my uncle and his family in June!

What are the little things that you’ve experienced lately that make you happy? Leave me a comment and share your happiness with me :)

  • I love your list. Lately I have been so not happy enough to make this kind of lists, but this post of yours was such a great reminder that I need to look for the little things. Thank you!
    * I love my mom’s cooking and baking, she’s really good!
    * Books and the the lists I have of books to read. They always make me look forward to something
    * The potential traveling plans; for some reason, I still have hope of me seeing more of this world

  • I love having to shope because clothes are big! Best feeling ever!

    • Right?! I just can’t afford it haha

  • Your list brightened my day. Warms the cockles of my heart to see others enjoyment.
    1. being able to find and read lots of spooky horror books lately
    2. Moved in! The room, the space, the sunlight that comes over the baclony
    3. Positivity towards job hunting [though I havent been called I feel good to be on the hunt]

  • chendaleh

    I love the list! It’s so good to remind yourself all the little things that makes you happy.
    1. My baby girl brings joy to my life every single day.
    2. I have some time to create. I missed that.
    3. Swap bot is a great way to get to knoe people from all over the world :-) (Comment and follow #39)