November 17, 2015

Ignorance + 6 Things That Piss Me Off


My heart hurts. The events of the last weekend have shocked me in several different ways. The pain and the loss that has been caused. And then the reactions of those on social media … I almost want to delete and remove myself but at the same time, social media does do a lot of good. It’s like a co-worker said a few days ago, my faith in humanity is wavering daily. We’re not that far away from Thanksgiving or Christmas. The time of year when people are supposed to be thankful for what we have and practicing goodwill towards men. And yet, all I see is hate. I present to you, the six things I just find repugnant:

01) The Starbucks Red Cups Issue: I am so tired of hearing about this shitty “war on Christmas” propaganda that I’m seeing. At least I’m learning who to delete on Facebook on Twitter … There is no “war on Christmas” just because there is a minimalist red cup. If your decorative coffee cup (that you’re just going to throw away anyway) is what defines your Christmas, then honey, you have bigger issues to tackle than this made-up war.

02) The War on Christmas: This is sort of a continuation but also, not really. While everyone is complaining about not being able to find the perfect set of twinkle lights or the perfect wreath among the 6 aisles of Christmas stuff that most stores have now, I have been unable to find ANYTHING for Hanukkah. Not true. I found two, count them, TWO boxes of $10 18 count Hanukkah candles on one shelf at work. Oh and Hanukkah cards. That’s all. And Hanukkah is closer than Christmas. When I inquired about where I might be able to find some locally, several people replied “LOL tons of stuff on Amazon.” I know that. And I do buy stuff from Amazon. But why should I HAVE to? Where is the Hanukkah aisle? Or for that matter, the Yule aisle? Or the Kwanzaa aisle? I may buy Christmas presents and I may have a tree because it was tradition; I had a Catholic step-father. But I was born Jewish and I celebrate Hanukkah every year.

03) Reactions to Terrorist Attacks: What happened in Paris is horrible. It hurts in the most horrible of ways, just like 9/11 did. Even worse is that I have a friend in Paris (someone I hold dear to my heart) and I was going crazy at work trying to figure out if he was okay. When I snuck onto Facebook during my shift and saw that he has updated his status to safe, I cried. What makes me sick is that Paris, Russia and Lebanon all had terrorist attacks in the last week, all supposedly done by ISIS, and no one is mentioning the other two attacks. Outrage is perfectly natural. Be outraged at what happened. Be ANGRY! Be hurt and saddened. But feel all those emotions for all the attacks and not just one.

04) Blocking the Syrian Refugees: This one … just boggles my mind. I see all these people saying how ISIS needs to be stopped and how horrible the war in Syria is, but then they post and talk about how the borders (of several different countries) should be closed to the refugees. Wait, what? You’re saying bomb ISIS and stop the war but who cares about the people fleeing? Um, no. It doesn’t work that way. It can’t work that way. By the way? The last of the Syrian Jews were rescued last week. A 3000 year old community has ended. But we shouldn’t help them or anyone else from Syria? I can’t speak for other countries. But the US was born from immigrants. Why are we ignoring that fact?

05) Treating People in Retail Like Crap: The other day I literally had a lady stand in my bakery and raise her voice at me because we didn’t have mincemeat pies in stock yet for her Christmas party this week. Let that sink in for a second. It’s not even Thanksgiving and she is screaming about a Christmas party this week. Two days later I had a man sneer at me after I told him apologetically that we were out of french bread, and then after seeing my Star of David, he called me an Arab and walked away. I’m Jewish and an American, born and raised. Not an Arab. My co-worker had someone call her a bitch because the woman needed a cake in 30 minutes and A) we require 24 hours notice and B) we were busy and short-handed. We are people. Yes. We are paid to work and help you but guess what. We’re not paid to handle your abuse. Standing there name-calling and screaming at us IS abuse. And this happens at every store and year-round. And it’s getting worse.

06) The Politics Battle: I actually dislike politics. I follow enough to make educated decisions so that I can vote for the things that I think should change or happen. I try and stay out of political discussions because I know that my opinions aren’t the majority among many of the people I know and because I’d rather find other things to discuss. But I am very passionate about my beliefs and opinions, just like everyone else should me. My problem isn’t what you believe in. I really don’t care. I may not agree, but at least you have that opinion. My problem is with the people who are vocal about what they think is wrong and don’t vote. The way I look at it is, if you stand by and do nothing to try and change it (which is what a vote does) then you have no right to complain about how things are going. If you refuse to register and make a decision, you don’t deserve the right to state your opinion. At that point, your opinion is irrelevant. You made the choice to forfeit your opinion.

I understand that not everyone will agree with me on these subjects, and that is perfectly okay. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t agree. But these are all things that have been building in my head, and I needed to get them out. If you’d like to comment, I’d love to hear them and if you’d prefer not to, I’ll understand :)

  • Wow- that is awful how people treated you in the bakery. Unacceptable!

  • UGH to the whole war on Christmas thing! It’s so frustrating. And seriously, if coffee cups make you that upset, you need to check yourself. Plus the Starbucks cups I remember had like snowflakes and penguins and polar bears…not actually Christmas things. Anyway. And along with the whole Christians thing and the terrorism…it frustrates me to no end that people think all Muslims are terrorists. Or all terrorists are Muslim. Or basically that no one should be Muslim ever. Ummm, we have freedom of religion in this country. You probably bring that up constantly about your own religion, and yet you’re saying Muslims shouldn’t be allowed?

    And I am so sorry about assholes you have to deal with at work. I am as nice as possible to anyone in retail or anything like that. The other day at Starbucks they got my drink wrong (to the point that it was a different drink, that I don’t really like) and I was just like…I really don’t want to make them make another one. I can deal. I was a cashier at Michael’s once very briefly, and this lady went on a rant about how there wasn’t enough stuff made in the US. I was like, “Sure, me, a lowly cashier who has been here for like two weeks can TOTALLY take care of that for you!!!!!”

  • UGH – I feel you on ALL of these. Those damned anti-Starbucks Red Cups are ridiculous. On top of being ridiculous they’re just wrong. I have to wonder if these people don’t have enough to fill their days if they expend so much time in protesting CUPS. Oy.

    PS. I love Christmas. And Starbucks. ;)

  • ok so just today i discovered the red cup issue is a religious / christian thing. what the actual fudge. people are ridiculous. i can’t stand how rude people get around christmas, especially to people in customer service.
    i’m not religious, but i can’t find anything australian / english christmas related in stores here, not even on amazon. boo. and that guy calling you an arab? what an ignorant ass. honestly, i wish i had superpowers sometimes just so i could hit some people upside the head and smack some sense into them.

  • omg is #5 for real?!?! Someone actually said that to you!!! I’m sorry, that is so unreal. Wow..

    Loved your voice in all of these other comments. So wonderful.