September 1, 2015

Mixes: Cinnamon & Cloves

The recent rainstorm that hit the Puget Sound this week made me feel all tingly and eager for autumn, even if I haven’t been ready for summer to end. The raindrops hitting the windows, the heavy, dark clouds, the cold winds all put me in the mood for a new autumn mix, so I spent and early morning putting one together with songs that invoke feelings of autumn in me. I hope you like it.

cinnamon & cloves

cinnamon & cloves tracklisting

Are you ready for autumn? What songs would you put on your ultimate autumn playlist? Let me know in the comments!

  • wow, I only just started the song and it’s so, so pretty!! I’m gonna listen throughout work today. My music doesn’t usually change with seasons so I have nothing to contribute but so pretty :)

  • cough syrup is my JAM girl!! I looooooooove that song with every inch of my soul! lol