October 27, 2015

Mixes: p a r a n o i a

I freaking love Halloween. In fact, it’s like Christmas for me. I love decorating and carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds and buying candy for the trick or treaters and of course I can’t forget all the fun Halloween baking. Add all the horror movies as well as the scary books and the childhood favorite Halloween movies and it all adds up to 100% fun! So what better way to celebrate Halloween then making a brand new Halloween playlist? However, I didn’t want your typical Halloween mix. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thriller as much as the next person. But how many playlists do we need with Thriller on it? Aren’t there already like 15,000 of them? So I wanted to go another way.


As in, if you were walking home from work at night and any of these songs came on, you’d instantly think you were in a horror movie. I wanted to try and invoke the spine-tingling, haunted feeling, as if you were afraid you may have just seen something move out of the corner of eye, only to realize that there’s actually nothing there. *shivers* Gotta love those chills.

I hope you enjoy this creeptastic mix!

p a r a n o i a

p a r a n o i a tracklisting

Are you ready for Halloween? What songs would you put on your ultimate Halloween playlist? Let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to take part in the I’m So Thankful link-up! If you plan on posting a blog about what you’re thankful for, please remember to link with me!

  • totally gonna put this on when I get home! I love good halloween mixes and I’m horrible at making any type of playlist. Thank you!!

  • I wish I liked Halloween this much! I find it so hard to get into the spirit… probably because I love Thanksgiving SO SO SO much

  • I don’t know any of these. :( I’m more of a Monster Mash/Thriller kind of gal, lmao

  • Awesome! Lykke Li has the coolest voice! I posted my Halloween mix last year, should be floating around somewhere! I think I linked it into my Autumn playlist… :) It’s a mix of vintage and alternative for the most part :) It may or may not be 6 hours long… hah XO -Alexandra

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  • Lots of new to me music on this list! Thanks for sharing.

  • I wish I would have saw this last week!! Saving it for next year though – love the idea of having it playing on the front porch when the trick or treaters come up!