February 21, 2015

My Kind’s Your Kind

Exactly one week ago, I experienced a first. I am 34 years and last Saturday I experienced my first real Valentine’s Day date. And please keep in mind that I was once in a long term relationship for almost 8 years. Yes. I’ll let that sink in for a second.

I won’t go into the details of why I had never experienced this ritual of love before, as I plan to keep this post positive, nor do I wish to focus on tbe past. I will say my last boyfriend did do something sweet on v-day but as we were long distance, we didn’t get to see each other. So yes. First true Valentine’s Day experience.

I was actually lucky enough to have the day off so I spent the day relaxing, catching up on some “chick flicks”, making an additional batch of Double Chocolate Valentine’s Day cookies and then pampering myself for the night.

Don’t they look amazing?! Yeah, they went fast too. I made a bunch for work and then also for my roommates. And of course, for C.

So C and I started talking the first week of January and we have seen each other at least once a week since then. We try and work around our schedules since mone constantly changes and he works nights. So far, it hasn’t been a problem. But then it just goes to show, when you truly care, you are BOTH willing to make sacrifices.

C picked me up at 6pm and surprised me with the most beautiful arrangement of flowers. I was totally not expecting that, didn’t even cross my mind. I mean, we’re not “officially” a couple, just taking our time as we’ve both been hurt before. But the flowers, they were stunning. And he remembered that while roses are beautiful, im not the biggest fan, unless they are Sterling Silver roses – which are rare and expensive. But daisies are my favorite. So he gave me Gerbera Daisies and since he couldn’t find the Sterling Silvers, he got me two roses as close to it as possible. It seriously almost made me cry. I ran into the house to put them away and then we were on our way.

He took me to the Manchester Grill which was having a special four course “pre fixe” dinner and I got to meet his friends – who are basically his second parents. An older couple that completely dotes on him and looks out for him and I passed the test lol. They asked when thr wedding was. We laughed and they hugged me and told me they couldn’t remember seeing C so happy. Which made me happy. They took some pictures of everything.

And I was surprised because from the angle of the camera, I thought she was just taking a quick pic of C. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this one, which shows me clearly just staring at him. Oops! BUSTED.

After a delicious dinner filled with great food, genuine laughter and heartfelt conversation, we took a walk on the dock and stared out over the water. C wrapped me up in his arms (quite a feat since I’m 5’3 and he is a full foot taller) and kissed the top of my head. He whispered “Happy first real Valentine’s Day” in my ear and gave me a soft kiss. It was perfect. Everything eas perfect. We stayed for a quick drink with his friends and then went to his place and curled up, watching a movie before I had to go back home (I worked at 8am the next day).

I could never has asked for anything more than this. It was beyond anything I could have expected and I still can’t believe he did it for me. I texted him the next morning while I was at work to thank him for spoiling me. His reply? “I didn’t spoil you Melissa. I treated you the way you should have always been treated. Just you wait until I DO spoil you.”

He doesn’t need to. I’m quite content the way things are.

Sorry for the ultra sappy post, but hey. A girl gets to be sappy once in awhile. What did you do for Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day). Tell me all about it!

  • This is really lovely and those flowers are gorgeous! Sounds like he is a keeper!

  • Awww this is just the sweetest! I am feel your happiness just by reading the words! Eeep!

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  • So happy that you experienced what you deserved on Valentine’s Day! You both look so happy. :) As Lauren said, he’s a keeper. So sweet that he took note of your flower preferences and introduced you to his friends. Wishing you both continued happiness!

  • Your Valentines sounded wonderful. I work in a flower shop and have for years. Which means my sweetie and I don’t get to enjoy this day. But I do get to enjoy watching guys buy flowers for their special people in their life. Brings me joy seeing the guy writing out a sweet message.
    You sound very happy with C and he seems to be very thoughtful.

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  • Glad you got to enjoy a great valentines day!

  • It’s so beautiful to read about your Valentine day, everything is so sweet. Love the way you look at him. :)

    — cf chai (Comment and Follow #38)

  • That picture of you watching him is adorable. I bet he likes it even more than you do.
    Love to hear this went your way. <3

  • You baked those?! Hello, hero! I couldn’t bake if it killed me. Despite this, my Pinterest board on foods is full of delicious looking stuff.
    As for that picture, well, it’s dang cute!