November 7, 2015

November Goals

Last month was a pretty awesome month. There have been a lot of up’s and down’s and work has been crazy hard lately what with our boss being out sick for almost 2 weeks now and our assistant manager calling out all the time, but I’ve managed to have a great month and complete several of my goals. I still can’t believe that it’s November and therefore Thanksgiving is just around the corner, not to mention Christmas and the end of 2015. Holy moly. It’s passing by so fast! But, moving on, let’s see how I did for October shall we?

01) Play bingo for the first time ever.
My roommate Rachel and I had a blast playing Bingo up at the Elks Lodge. Neither of us won but it was a cheap way to spend a day, get out of the house and forget our worries. We both played at least 10 games and got some food and bought daubers and neither of us spent over $15.

02) Go to a Halloween party. NOPE.
Had planned on having one but it never happened and pretty much everyone I knew either had to work or had other plans so didn’t have a party themselves. Oh well.

03) Check off 2 items from my Fall Bucket List.
I actually checked off more than that! I managed to jump in some leaf piles, go on a ghost tour, and make a new Halloween playlist plus my roommate also went to a house that was actually haunted – and did a ghost investigation there as well!

04) Make 3 items from my Fall Recipes Bucket List. NOPE.
I managed to bake one item from that last so far. This will be carried over this month as well.

05) Find a new signature fall scent.
I succeeded in finding a new signature scent for the fall. I have chosen Forever Red from Bath and Body Works. It’s absolutely delicious with it’s intense scent of pomegranate, peony and vanilla rum. It’s spicy and mellow all at the same time. Perfection.

06) Walk 160 miles. NOPE.
I made it to 137.68 miles. One of these days I will break 160.

07) Donate food items to charity.
There was a food drive at work so my roommate and I managed to donate 12 cans from our pantry. Considering we didn’t have a lot of canned foods, that was a pretty decent number. We hope to make food donation a monthly goal.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Now, let’s see what I have planned for this month!

+ Send out my completely awesome Thanksgiving cards! (Do you want one?)

+ Reply to my new pen pal letters.

+ Have my Christmas shopping done by November 30th.

+ Cook a complete Thanksgiving dinner.

+ Donate food items to charity.

+ Walk 160 miles.

+ Make 3 items from my Fall Recipes Bucket List.

+ Share a new recipe on this blog.

I’m ready for you November. Let’s do this!

What are your goals for November? I’d love to hear all about them. Let me know in a comment!

  • 137 miles is AWESOME though!

  • I’m kinda freaking out that everyone is mentioning Christmas gifts and naturally, I haven’t even started thinking about them yet. But, it’s only November, right? I still have a little bit. Maybe cookies this year :).

  • Christmas gifts is something I really need to figure out too!

  • I love this! That’s pretty good for October!! :) I’m still working on movies and fall bucket list stuff myself. I want to make sure to read lots during November! I’ve been in a bit of a rut, but did manage to read about half of a vampire series last month. Not terrible, but not great. I am only about halfway done with my reading goal for the year, so I need to step on it for the next two months! :) XO -Alexandra

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  • you can do it! i am pretty much all done with christmas shopping, a few bottles of wine left and that’s it. such a weight off your shoulders when it’s done.