March 6, 2016

One hot minute

Almost two months to the day since I last blogged and it has been ridiculously intense. I would say sorry but honestly, I’m not. Sometimes you need a break, even an unplanned one, and sometimes you just need to not say sorry. Which is in fact a goal that I am working towards this year. Quit saying sorry. I seriously say it way too much. But moving on, this will probably be easiest done in list form. So I present to you:

The 5 Crazy Ridiculous Things That Have Happened The Last two Months

01) All the Single Ladies: Welp. I’m single again. I’m okay, honestly, and so is C. We’re still friends, we still talk. But we almost never saw each other because of our conflicting work schedules. Add to that the fact that he was never really willing to come to my area because he “doesn’t like it” plus the fact that he didn’t want children at all, after all, and well, that pretty much summed it up. Very sweet guy. In fact, probably the sweetest guy I’ve ever dated and he never cheated on me or hit me, so hey, aces! (The not cheating part is actually a first for me. Every ex of mine has.) I was sad, but I knew it was coming and I’m pretty sure he did too. I honestly wish him all the luck in finding a woman better matched for him and hope all the best for him. I’d be there for him if he needed me and I know he would for me. In fact, he’s already helped me out. Which brings us to number 2.

Valentine's Day movie time
(How I spent my Valentine’s Day and my brand new tower!)

02) Welcome to the Future: I splurged and spent my tax return on myself. Completely and utterly. It’s also the first time in … oh about 8 years that I haven’t had to use my tax return to pay my rent or pay off late bills. So I treated myself to a brand new desktop PC. And I’m in love. I loved my laptop but I bought it in 2011 and it’s … really slow. Plus I used to be somewhat of a gamer and I missed playing games. My laptop couldn’t run them. Not easily anyway. So I made the leap. I will say, at first I regretted it. It came with Windows 10 installed and it was a FUCKING disaster. C, actually came to my rescue and fixed my new desktop, not once, but twice. And now with that poisonous WinBLOWS 10 off, and Windows 7 on it, I’ve not had one problem. And now I can easily blog without my pc lagging like crazy. YAY! And that’s partially why I was gone for so long. On that laptop, blogging became a chore and it should never be that way.

03) Just Call Me Troublemaker: I’ve mentioned before that there have been issues at my work. And sadly, they’ve continued. After the holidays, our manager stepped down and switched new departments and I was really happy to have someone knew. Plus we got a new food manager so I thought things would be turning around. They haven’t. It got to bad that I had to file a grievance against our food manager because he was giving me 24 hours and giving the newest (MALE) employee in our department, 40 hours. Which is against the union contract. So I’ve gotten my hours back but it feels like everyone hates. Said male employee barely talks to me. The food manager had me work 12 days straight and only gave me 3 days off in 21 days plus when I came down with a stomach bug (oh I wonder how I could have gotten sick…) he threw a fit that I called out. Our new manager seems to be buying into the story that I’m a huge troublemaker and has basically had me turn into Cinderella. Seriously, I do all the cleaning. All of it. It’s gotten so bad that my roommate, who is my co-worker (we coined the term “froomer” for friend-roommate-coworker) has actually decided to transfer to another store to get away from our food manager and our racist store manager. So why do I stay? I worked to hard to get the money that I make now, I have job security because no matter how much they hate it, I’ve never done anything wrong and I get medical. Full medical. Can’t leave that.

04) Blasts From The Past: In the last week, not one but TWO old flames have come back asking to talk to them again and/or date them again. I’m not interested. They’re in the past for a reason. But it’s a nice feeling when attractive men come back and tell you they need you in their lives again. For now though, I’m perfectly content to work hard, go on lots of long walks, cuddle up with my kitten Adonis and read or marathon the show GIRLS which I only keep watching because of Adam Driver’s character, Adam Sackler. Seriously. I want an Adam Sackler in my life. Boyfriend goals man. (At least for now – only on beginning of season 3 so no spoilers!)

05) The Light At The End: But it’s not all bad news. My new PC is up and running and kicks some major ass. I freaking love Skyrim! I’m finally able to start saving money. And it feels great. I have almost $300 in savings and all my bills are paid. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a nice feeling. And in less than a month, I’ll be on a flight to California! I’ll be seeing my uncle and cousin and their family and enjoy staying in San Marcos for a weekend, a weekend that I definitely deserve.

So, that’s my life. How has yours been? I’ve missed you guys! I want to hear all about your stories. I’ve had nothing but issues with my old comment system so for now, I have Disqus. I’d love it if you’d leave a comment and I WILL reply back! In the meantime, I leave you with this awesome playlist I found on 8 tracks. Give it a listen and enjoy!

  • Don’t even apologize, sometimes blogging warrants a break and you’re right to take one if you need it. That tower is awesome!! Sorry your work stresses have continued :(

    • Thank you! I’m definitely ready to catch up on everything I’ve missed though. I missed you guys! With work, it stinks, but I’m glad that I have it for now. Things seem to finally be at a stand still. Hopefully they will ease up :)

  • Blogging breaks are needed for sure! Sorry to hear about all of the junk that’s been going on for you! But hey, new computer, time with kittens, and the promise of travel all sound like ways things can be looking up soon! I sure hope so!! :) 2016 so far has been so much better here for me and KC than 2015 was and for that i am SO grateful! We’ve already traveled once, and have planned two more trips so far. Working on maybe a few more…. because as far as jobs go… at least ours has lots of vacation time! If it didn’t… and aside from insurance… I’d be outta here! :P XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • Thank you, beautiful!
      2015 was actually one of the best years I’ve had since 2008 but after a few bumps, things seem to be smoothing out so that’s always awesome. Traveling is the best. If I had more time, and money, I’d do so much more. But I get two weeks of vacation pay starting April 30th so who knows what could happen!

  • blogging breaks are definitely needed sometimes, and i make it a point to never apologise on my blog… to me, it is a hobby. this is not a business and no one expects or needs me to post. i will apologise for responding late to comments, but not for taking time off. i’m sorry about you and C but it sounds like you all made the right decision, and that’s awesome you’re still friends. and good for you for keeping the past in the past. i’m sorry for all the junk at work too, that sounds horrible. but yay new computer and spending money on yourself!

    • Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel. I love blogging but sometimes, you gotta deal with life first. Sometimes I regret breaking up with him but I k ow it was the right decision in the end. Great guy, just not great for me. One day I’ll find my great for me guy. And if he happens to be 6’3, 195 pounds with a head of shaggy black hair and somewhat unconventionally attractive, I’d be okay with that ;)

      Yes, I’m crazy hooked up Adam Driver. Oops.

  • I’ve learned that sometimes you just need a break. I’m sorry to hear about your break up but it sounds like it ended amicably and you can still be friends.
    I love Alabama Shakes!

    • Breaks are always a good thing and sometimes the only way to keep your sanity! Thank you, we are able to be friends and I’m definitely happy about that! I do too! I discovered them through my roommate and have grown to really love them!