June 29, 2014

So, I like someone… And he likes me…

He makes me laugh in a way I haven’t laughed in a LONG time.
He likes my body the way it is right NOW.
He makes me blush with his compliments.
He enjoys holding me close. Just holding me. And talking.
He gives me hugs, massages my legs, scratches my back — and expects nothing back.
He kisses my nose and my forehead.
He has a past and knows about mine.
He’s not perfect. But neither am I.

Yes, I like someone. And he likes me. I have no idea what will happen. If we’ll be a couple or if it’s just a fling. All I know is that I enjoy spending time with him and I love talking to him and giggling with him at 3am. My roommates like him and they love how much of a smile he puts on my face. He’s not perfect. He has a past, which he has told me about and I am comfortable with the knowledge that he has shared. He’s shorter than I normally go for (but he’s still 5 inches taller than I am, so cares) and he’s a tiny little thing. He has the smallest waist ever. Yet he thinks my body is perfect the way it is. In fact, he LIKES my curves and chub. Says I’m made like a goddess. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. Or any crazy exes sticking around. Which is a huge plus.

Yet, with all that, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. And I need to get past that. It makes sense. With how badly ALL of my exes have treated me, and how badly I have been hurt, it’s natural to be wary. But this time I’m afraid that my suspicions or my distrust in men will hold me back. But all of that needs to be held in check. I’m over-analyzing yet again. Maybe we could become something. And parts of me hopes so.

But for now, I’m just going to revel in his attention, pay it back to him and just enjoy whatever happens. Because yes. I LIKE him.

  • Happy for you chick! I hope it works out :)

  • Its hard to get over your own past but we have to learn to let go and take that risk.