October 22, 2015



Sometimes we take the good in our lives for granted and when things go bad, sometimes it’s hard to see that good. I know that when life gets hard, like it’s been at work for me, I make myself remember the things I have and all that I am thankful for so I can remember why I deal with the crap, for lack of a better word. And while American Thanksgiving may still be over a month away, and Canadian Thanksgiving may be behind us, it’s never a bad time to count your blessings and think about what you are thankful for.

  • I Am Thankful For my two closest girl friends, Irene and Rachel. They mean the world to me, and no matter what happens in life, I know that I can count on them. They have listened to my problems, held my hand when I’ve cried and hugged me whenever I needed it. And the three of us have become great friends. We always have a blast and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us individually and together.
  • I Am Thankful For my adorable kitten Adonis. He is the one of the sweetest kittens I’ve ever had and also super independent. I love that he comes up to me to demand snuggles or to lick my cheek and nose and yet is more than happy to spend hours by himself playing and resting in silly places. He makes me happy and his deep purr tells me I make him happy too.
  • I Am Thankful For my boyfriend C and his sister. No matter what may happen in the future between us, I’m glad that I met him because he is the first boyfriend I’ve had that has never cheated or lied or treated me badly and I love spending time with both him and his sister. Our Sunday breakfast tradition was easily the highlight of my summer.
  • I Am Thankful For my job because despite the stress and physical pain it causes, I truly enjoy what I do. I just wish that I could just concentrate on my work and not have to deal with any of the politics. I enjoy the money that it gives me and the freedom that that money gives me.
  • I Am Thankful For the Pacific Northwest and all the beauty that it holds. There is not a day that passes that I am not surprised by the sights here in the grand PNW. I thank my lucky stars for the fact that I moved here. And speaking of stars…
  • I Am Thankful For the sun, the moon and the stars for the warmth, light and protection that that give me.
  • I Am Thankful For books because there is nothing better than curling up under the covers with a great book and lovely scented candle flickering nearby.
  • I Am Thankful For chai tea because it is delicious warm or cold and helps me forget my resentment towards the fact that I can no longer have coffee. And the scent of it? Perfection. I have become addicted to the smell of cardamom and nutmeg and ginger. Delicious.
  • I Am Thankful For hot baths, especially when scented with lemon and rosemary.
  • I Am Thankful For my life, because through the good and through the bad, through the illnesses and the perfect days, this life is mine. No matter what happens, I’m thankful to be alive because each day brings a new lesson and the horrors that I have faced have made me stronger and more resilient in the end and every happy moment fulfills me and allows me to pass on those feelings to others.
  • I Am Thankful For you, my fellow bloggers and readers because you give up some of your time to read my inane ramblings and leave your wonderful comments. And I am so thankful for your words and your visits. They mean the world to me, truly.

What are you thankful for? Leave a comment and let me know!

  • What a sweet post! I never knew how much I would be thankful for other bloggers- like you- till I tried it!

  • It’s so important to stop and count the ways we’re thankful in life every once in a while. Makes you realize how lucky you really are! :)

  • i love to stop and remind myself that i have so much to be thankful for. it’s easy to forget and want more more more sometimes. i am SO thankful for blogging, for a million reasons. and cats, and hot baths – always!

  • I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do gratitude journaling sometimes, and my new planner has a space just for good things that happened in a week. I love this post so much. There is always so much to be grateful for, but it is so easy to get swept up in the busy-ness. XO -Alexandra

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  • I love this! It’s so important to reflect on the things you have. I am definitely not always positive…I’m kind of a pessimist (well, more like a realist) so I often have to remind myself of all the stuff I have going for me and not let the little things (or big things!) get me down!

  • It is such a time of reflection! We celebrated our thanksgiving just a couple weeks ago and I’m already ready to maybe celebrate the american one too haha.

  • I love this. I really love ‘thankful’ posts because not only are they fun to read, but they give the audience a nice reminder of what they too should be thankful for. All of these little things create one big, heaping pile of thankfulness. Thank you for sharing!!