May 13, 2014

The Epic Summer Goals of 2014 + GIVEAWAY!

The Fremont Troll Beautiful Seattle - Hello Space Needle

As I’ve mentioned perhaps once or twice before (*wink*) I’m a California girl and grew up in the Mojave Desert. I’m used to heat. I love the sun and warm air. Now, the desert was too hot. 110+? No thanks. But give me 80-90 and a cold glass of water or lemonade and I’m a happy woman. And it’s because of that love of sun that I am looking forward to summer. Especially since this summer is already off to a great start, what with a trip to California and a very long time friend moving to the area!

But I want to make this summer even more amazing. I have a new group of friends, a job I (mostly) love and some pretty cool roommates. I also have a ridiculously long bucket list (more like a book – it fills more than half of a composition book) that needs some love. So I’m making a list of 14 summer goals that I hope to accomplish. Feel free to laugh at some of the more simple ones. I’ve been slightly deprived throughout my life ;)

01) Road trip to Oregon: Powells, VooDoo Doughnuts, the Columbia River Gorge, Portland, no sales tax, road trip. Heck yes, this needs to happen. I need some travel in my life and I’ve never been to Oregon. Which is a damn shame since it’s only a 3 or 4 hour train ride.

02) Music Festival / Summer Concert: There’s a possibility that I may be attending Warped Tour (which I have never done) OR NINE INCH NAILS (which happens to be my favorite band – since I was about 14) is going to be in Seattle again with SOUNDGARDEN! The 14 year old girl in me just fangirled so hard she passed out. One or the other must happen.

03) Summer O’ Baking: I have a huge wish list of things to make that I have never made and I believe that this summer will be the perfect time to make macarons and meringues. Oh yes. This shall happen. And possibly perfecting a whoopie pie recipe. Plus, pina colada cupcakes must happen.

04) Summer Holidays: With Memorial Day, 4th of July, Midsummer and Labor Day all around the corner, I’m hoping to spend at least one of these with my group of friends (and not working). Can you say summer cookout?!

05) Oodles of Pictures: I have several frames, awesome friends and no photos. You can bet that this is going to happen this summer. By the time September hits, I want to be able to fill a photo album with all my summer pictures.

06) Girls Night: It’s been over a year since the last time I had a girls night and I would kill for some time with my beautiful gals. Dinner, drinks, bitching and dancing? I think so.

07) Creative S’mores: Remember that whole thing I said about laughing at my lameness? Well here you go. I had my first s’more at 32. Yup. It was last year. And I totally see why they are so damn popular. Since I actually make marshmallows (some pretty awesome ones too) I want to make new s’mores combinations. I’m itching to try one with a homemade chocolate marshmallow and a cookies and cream Hershey’s bar.

08) California Dreaming: Technically this one is cheating as I’m already going. I have my tickets and my time off scheduled. But I can’t wait to go and I’ll count this one as completed when I’ve hugged my cousins and wished my Uncle a Happy 60th!

09) Fitness Plan: I was able to lose 10 lbs and keep it off and now I’d like to lose 25 lbs this summer. It’s not a huge number and I have more to lose. But that would be a great start and with all the walking I do daily, it should be easy to accomplish.

10) Artsy Fartsy: Continue to keep crafting and make lots of DIY decor for my room. I have plans for a bigger chalkboard frame, a necklace holder and some art. Just for starters.

11) Sports Fan: Finally see either a Mariners game or Sounders game as I’ve yet to do either.

12) Seattle Exploring: Spend a day in Fremont and actually visit several of the neighborhoods I’ve never gotten to spend time in. I’ve still not been to the University District. This needs to change.

13) Treat Myself: Whether it’s a new tattoo or a massage, I want to spoil myself and treat myself to something great. I work hard and deserve to spend my money on something that will make me feel good.

14) Summer Loving: Have a summer romance (preferably one that actually lasts longer than just the summer). I know there’s someone out there looking for an adorkable woman like me. And I can’t wait to meet him :)

And those are my summer plans! What are your epic summer plans? A new house? A new baby? Travel? I’d love to hear from you!

Which brings us to (let’s face it, the real reason you came here lol) the $120 GIVEAWAY! That’s right! Along with Bonnie of Life With Bon and 8 other awesome women, I’m helping one very lucky winner to score $120, any way that they want it! So enter this etremely easy contest and GOOD LUCK!

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  • Awesome goals. I love how creative you are with food stuffs…reverse smores? So neat! Having fun working toward all of these!

    • Thank you! I try to be creative. Sometimes I need some help coming up with ideas. Pinterest is great for that. And once I come across one idea I’ll run with it in another direction lol.