March 31, 2015

Tuesday Tuneage #7

I absolutely love music. I can’t go through a day easily without it. Even at work (at least with my early shifts) I’ll have one of three music apps on my phone playing before the store opens. While working on a blog or even writing in my journal, I have to listen to one of my several playlists on itunes (playlists are the best things ever) or on 8tracks. Because of my love of music, I plan on sharing one song a week here on my blog. Either something I’ve always loved or a new song I’ve recently discovered.

Don’t Love You – TV on the Radio
“It’s been said best by you
Been said best before
But I just want to let you know
I don’t love you anymore.”

I had never even heard of TV on the Radio (an American indie rock band from Brooklyn) until a (now ex) friend introduced me to their song Wolf Like Me back in 2009. It was fantastically catchy and I immediately played it like 3 times, singing along loudly each time. It was right after that I looked up several of their songs. My favorite of all of them is Don’t Love You, but I also really like Wolf Like Me, Staring at the Sun and Love Dog. Many of their songs are actually great for getting ready to go out on a date or for a makeout mix. I also add them to my workout mixes as the fast songs are perfect for getting your blood pumped while going for a long walk or doing cardio.

What songs/bands have you been listening to? Feel free to comment with some of your favorites or the ones you just discovered and can’t seem to stop playing.

  • Fast songs on a workout playlist are the best! I like it!