March 25, 2014

Tuneage Tuesday #4

I absolutely love music. I can’t go through a day easily without it. Even at work (at least with my early shifts) I’ll have one of three music apps on my phone playing before the store opens. While working on a blog or even writing in my journal, I have to listen to one of my several playlists on itunes (playlists are the best things ever) or on 8tracks. Because of my love of music, I plan on sharing one song a week here on my blog. Either something I’ve always loved or a new song I’ve recently discovered.

Closer – Kings of Leon
“You shimmy-shook my boat,
Leavin’ me stranded all in love on my own
Do you think of me?”

I discovered the Kings of Leon (a Nashville rock band) about ten years ago, right around the time that I discovered that my fiance at the time, was cheating on me. I was very depressed and whenever I feel depressed, I start listening to a LOT of music. “California Waiting” became my anthem at the time. It was just what I needed to help snap me out of my funk and get me active again. After that, I was hooked on KOL. Even now, I still reach for some KOL whenever I need to snap out of a funk. They have become one of my favorite bands and I am incredibly pissed that I am unable to go see them in Seattle on Friday. But life goes on. As much as I love the song “California Waiting,” the song “Closer” has been my number one favorite by them, since I first heard it. I love the melancholy lyrics and the haunted feeling of the instrumentals.

What songs/bands have you been listening to? Feel free to comment with some of your favorites or the ones you just discovered and can’t seem to stop playing.